There are two main a method to share with amount of time in Thai words

I do not know. | mai kao-jai Often it’s better to say it up coming to face here alone (or make an amusing deal with such as for example I usually carry out).


It’s [number one-12] o’clock. | [number 1-24] nah-li-gah May as well throw this within while you are we’re talking on wide variety. not, the easier method revolves doing an effective 24-hour clock hongkongcupid support, whilst a lot of time you may already know your own number step one-24, you will be ok.

What day could it possibly be? | gee mohng laew You can suggest your own wrist or say this words if you want to ask just what day it is.

Meeting Individuals

I’m called [name]. | pohm cheu [name] / chan cheu [name] Dudes state pohm for ‘I’ and female say chan for ‘We.’

How are you presently? | koon suh-bai-dee mai You’re actually inquiring, “Are you presently good?” This really is a more official terms that is usually put if you haven’t seen one another for quite some time.

What’s up? | bpen yung-ngai bahng This informal desired is utilized if you see people regularly. It’s difficult so you’re able to pronounce since there are enough ‘ng’s.

Where are you currently regarding? | koon mah jahk prah-teht ah-rai Thai individuals are usually interested to understand what your location is off.

What age have you been? | ah-yoo tao-rai It isn’t uncommon is requested how old you are. Avoid being bashful, it is far from noticed nosey during the Thai culture. Thai people are simply installing who is earlier as a way to decide steps.


Where try ____? | ____ yoo tee-nai This may come in handy if you are searching having good landmark or (when you’re just like me) a bathroom. Some common words to own urban centers was:

Have you got Wi-fi? | mee wifi mai Any type of bistro, bistro, otherwise hotel enjoys Wi-fi. It’s 100 % free, therefore use it! If you ask that it phrase, the new Thai individual that is actually doing work tend to more often than not show you toward Wi-fi passport (published on the a recipe, tape-recorded to the wall surface, etc).

Can you see ____? | bai ____ dai mai This really is probably one of the most useful Thai phrases you can study. You are likely to have to confer with your taxi, tuk-tuk, or songthaew driver throughout your trip.


I want that it. / I would like one to. | ao uhn nee / ao uhn nun In place of point out some thing, motion which have an open hand.

Can you decrease the speed? | loht noy dai mai When you are shopping in the Thai areas and you can taking walks avenue, enjoy bartering with this specific terminology.

I really don’t need a plastic handbag. | mai ao toong This will come in handy. Convenience stores try well known to have giving out plastic handbags, even if you buy one small item!

Only a second, please. | baep dee-ao nah This really is a highly helpful statement to use when a road supplier is haggling along with you or if a server are hanging more than you waiting around for the choice. This will make you some time and work out an alternative.

Eating out

Perhaps you have drank yet? | gin reu yung Remember, it is a difficult ‘g’ particularly ‘go’. Try not to pronounce gin for instance the liquor.

I will consume hot. / I can not consume spicy. | gin pet dai / git pets mai dai Thai people think that extremely foreign people cannot consume hot eating. If you’re able to, make sure you inform them gin animals dai to find the real deal.

Tips to possess Of good use Thai Sentences

The good news is that you don’t must be in the Thailand otherwise understand how to realize or build Thai to start understanding how to talk the text.

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